Firenze of Florence Oregon Photo | Sandy Harris

I haven’t been to the coast in quite some time so I thought it was time to go!  I took the long way down the coastline from Newport to the sweet little town of Florence, Oregon.

A friend of mine was performing at Firenze so I thought I would stop by for a hug and a glass of wine.

Firenze has just celebrated their one year anniversary a few weeks prior (congrats to them!) and I have heard nothing but good things about the new Wine & Chocolate Restaurant.  I mean come on… Can you go wrong with the combination?


Photo | Sandy Harris

It really felt like home.  The decor was simple yet welcoming.  High vaulted ceilings with couches and chairs, a bar with stools overlooks a small garden just outside, there are also tables located by the serving bar, cotton curtains framed the front windows ceiling to floor of the historic building.


Seating at Firenze Photo | Sandy Harris

While Kelly tuned and sound checked his guitar, I chose a delicious Oregon Chardonnay and found a comfy seat by the window.  I made myself home on the couch, but decided to move to the extra wide chair so I could have a better view of everything.


Kelly Asay at Firenze Photo | Sandy Harris

The photograph of Kelly captures the fun and mood of Firenze that Sunday afternoon.  That is what it is all about, right?


Friends sharing a glass of wine at Firenze Photo | Sandy Harris

Notice the little hooks under the bar?  I thought this is so clever!

People meandered in to listen, some even brought their own guitars, others brought in a pizza from a local restaurant (yes, Firenze lets you bring in your own food, how cool is that!) it really was quite relaxing.  Passersby out enjoying their Sunday afternoon oftentimes stopping to listen, curiosity taking over.


Photo | Sandy Harris

After a long afternoon, I would recommend Firenze. The atmosphere was quite relaxed.  I really enjoyed listening to Kelly Play.  I recognized some of the music and I have to admit, hearing it live just made the music that much more.  I even learned that I had been singing the wrong words for I don’t know how many years on one song!


Kelly Asay at Firenze Photo | Sandy Harris

He also played his original music, which was really quite lovely.  I have known Kelly for a few years and had no idea he wrote his own music.  During one of his breaks, I told him how much I admired one of his songs called Mine To The Wine.  He told me he had written it on his way home from Brownsville, Oregon once upon a time.  “It just came to him” on his way home.


Kelly Asay Photo | Sandy Harris

If you are looking to get away, do something different perhaps, looking for a new place to have a glass of wine, I would recommend Firenze!

You can find Firenze at 1297 A Bay St, Florence, Oregon.  It’s near the underpass of the bridge in old town.  Here is a link to their website for more information.

You can find Kelly playing there every other Sunday.  Head out to the coast and tell em Sandy sent ya!